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Transparent Holographic Rear Projection Film

Our Clearview rear projection film is also available as an interactive screen. Click to see a video of our Clearview Interactive Touch Foil being used at a Chili's Restaurant in the USA.

Clearview is a transparent rear projection film primarily used for store window displays and attention grabbing screens. This unique film provides a low cost alternative to holographic screens, offering superior performance, definition and no critical angle of projection. The film is available in a range of standard screen sizes (30” to 120”), in wholesale roll format (10 and 30 metres) or by the linear metre off the roll (1524mm/60” wide). Custom shapes and sizes are available and pieces can be simply joined to create large format displays. Clearview film has a self adhesive layer (peel and stick) making it easy to apply to glass or Plexiglas.


» Transmission - 92%
» Viewing angle - 120°
» Colour - transparent
» Thickness - 100 microns
» Roll width - 1524mm / 60”
» UV stable
» Holo / transparent screen


» Standard sizes from 30” - 120“
» Custom sizes & shapes available
» Wholesale 10m & 30m rolls available
» 3 year warranty
» No critical angle of projection
» Self adhesive / no shrinkage
» Low cost - superior per formance

Standard Screen Sizes

4:3 Aspect Ratio  -  30”, 40”, 50”, 60”, 67”, 80”, 100”
16:9 Aspect Ratio  -  30”, 40”, 50", 60”, 67”, 80”, 100”, 120”
Custom sizes available upon request.

Clearview film is also available by the linear metre off the roll or in 10m and 30m wholesale roll form (1524mm wide).

Recommended Applications

» Window displays
» Adver tising screens
» Trade shows / promotions
» POS / POP displays
» Information displays
» Attention screen
» Museums / visitor attractions


Pro Display self adhesive projection films can be simply applied to glass using a squeegee and water. Please take a look at our Projection Film Installation Guide for further information.

Clearview film is also available with our thru-glass Interactive Touch Foil's in sizes from 30" - 82".