Switchable Glass (double glazing)

Ideal for external glazing

Pro Display offers the most versatile range of Switchable Glass solutions on the market. Switchable Glass offers instant privacy at the flick of a switch! The glass works on an electrical principle switching from frosted to clear when power is applied. Switchable Glass also known as Smart Glass windows offer a next generation alternative to blinds or privacy glass making it the ideal choice for commercial or residential installations.

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Our switchable smart glass is an innovative product for both commercial and domestic installations, and is manufactured and distributed by our Intelligent Glass division. Visit the Intelligent Glass website.

The latest generation of Switchable Double Glazing combines the benefits of improved thermal performance with the immediate control over privacy / security. This durable solid state technology replaces the need for old fashioned blinds or curtains offering greater control and comfort within any room. The liquid crystal Switchable layer is coated down on the inside of the unit offering complete protection.

Our switchable DGU / IGU panels utilise a warm edge spacer bar with argon insulation to offer greater insulation and performance. Depending upon the customer requirements we offer a variety of glass options e.g. low iron, low E coatings to provide the most efficient DGU/IGU panels on the market today.

Three standard panel thicknesses are available 18mm, 24mm and 28mm (custom sizes upon request).

This product is simple to install just like any standard double glazed sealed unit. Enjoy the benefits of insulated glass making your room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

This energy saving product is completely solid state requiring no maintenance or special cleaning requirements. Imagine living in a world which offers you complete control over your comfort / privacy / security all at the flick of a switch.


  • Maximum panel size – 1.5m x 3m
  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Thicknesses – 18mm, 24mm, 28mm (custom thicknesses available)
  • Power – 110v AC (12 watts per square metre)
  • Argon insulated

Download our Switchable Glass Double Glazing Technical Specifications


  • External glazing / windows
  • Conservatories / sun rooms
  • Sky lights / glass roofs
  • Vision panels


  • Transformer
  • RF Remote Control / Receiver

A4 Switchable Glass demo kits are available that come complete with control switch and transformer.